Today it´s exactly one year ago that I boarded the plane to Australia. It marked an end and a new beginning. A journey I could have never imagined its outcome. I´v learnd so much about myself through the practice of yoga and the travels i´v done. Reflecting on whats important to me, regardless of anything other than my inner voice. What my heart and my spirit is longing for and whats truly true for me.

What does your heart say? Are you doing the things that make you feel inspired and happy? 

In Australia I fell in love with Byron Bay and spent everyday in nature, by the beach and in the yoga studio Creature. During the nights I worked with my swedish job. Calling customers and dealing with all the daily sales and administrations that I usually did back home. I lived two completely different lifes in one. It was an amazing opportunity to take my work with me abroad. Definitely not a  clear and obvious choice. But I found my  way and made it work even if it was not something anyone else in the company i worked with was doing. I had to create my own path and I took a risk doing so. Taking chances, following my heart and finding completely new ways to do it on made me find myself and my freedom. 

One year later I have quit my job, just arrived home to Sweden from India. I´v done a 200 hour Embodied Flow and Yoga Alliance yoga teacher training, got accepted to health studies and I am now looking for a housecar/van to live in here in Sweden. So that I can both travel around Sweden this summer but also so it will be easy for me to keep on traveling abroad.

Also I found a distans based health studie with just a few mandatory meetings. So that in combination with a mobile living arrangement I feel that I can live the life that my soul wants me to live, a free and creative living. A life that will give me the lessons I need to learn to keep on evolving and enjoying this magical lifetime. You will be able to follow my yoga and travel lifestyle here from now on. 

On this website I will share with you the wisdom that I have come across during my years of yoga and travel and of course the new ones I encounter. From books, podcasts, workshops, health studies, teacher trainings and endless of meetings around the world. Sharing how I found my way to freedom by finding and following my inner voice. How to live a life with less stress and more joy and happiness. I can not just stand by watching when society kills the joy of our spirits. Making people crash into darkness because of endless pressure, stress and anxiety. I’m not taking part of it anymore and i´m going to do my best to contribute with inspiration and advice on a new way of living. 

This coming weekend I will be attending a yoga festival in Stockholm called Yoga Games. So from 9-11 of februari I will share yoga inspiration with you, three days full of bliss! Can´t wait! Hope you want to follow my journey so that we can inspire each other to live a stress free life from the heart, filled with freedom, creativity, happiness and everyday joyfull moments.

Soon I will also share with you the full story of my 1 month yoga teacher training in India. Where you will see how my instinct to live a free and creative life became really clear. I could have never imagined it’s raw beauty and so powerful transformational outcome. 

Love and light! /Jasmine



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