Hi loved ones,

I want to share with you my joy and happiness found whitin the most supportive sisterhood,


The video below is from our last sharing ceremony during the training in iBiza. It was my turn to share and I asked for us to one more time sing a song together. We started to sing the song “Mother I feel you under my feet, Mother I hear your heart beat” And the most amazing, magical, wounderful sign from Gaia came and astound us <3

So so many birds came and circled above us and the pool for several minutes. As a big and profound Thank you sign from Gaia and all of our ancestors. Thanking us for doing this work of healing and joining in sisterhood for the highest good of all <3


I am so eternally grateful to have found this sisterhood, the teachings of Vedanta and my beloved teacher Sharada whom is the initiator of Bewomanproject. The teachings shows us that we are whole and complete no matter the circumstances and asks us to never hold an agenda for anybody else to be anything other than who they are.

Supporting and validating and coming together in sisterhood for the highest good of all. Neutralize competition, jealousy, fears, insecurity and the sense of unworthiness. Holding each other with full presence and love. Knowing that we are never alone in what we are going through. Reremembering that we are not separate and never has been. Choosing love and sisterhood and leaving all fears behind.

I have joined the last two “Women circles facilitator” courses  and met so many beloved sisters from all over the world. When women are gathering and coming together pure magic unfolds. It´s in our nature to sing, dance, share, create and support. Unlocking the creativity and standing up for our selves and Gaia, our beloved mother earth whom needs us so much.

Next training will be in Bali next year <3 If you feel called to join you can read about it here:


So grateful to be a part of this sisterhood. If you feel called to join, just reach out and we will hold you <3 Many sisters all over the world are holding women circles and I might co-create some too in the future.

Beloved teachers from our training in iBiza, Sharada https://vaidika.org Beta http://www.betalisboa.com Kay https://www.facebook.com/kay.balnaves

Teachers from the Bewomanproject trainings are:

Sharada https://vaidika.org

Beta Lisboa http://www.betalisboa.com

Kay Balnaves https://www.facebook.com/kay.balnaves

Jean-Manuel http://www.jeanmanuelnadeau.com

Petra Kalla Sacredspineyoga 

Nathalie Sommer http://nathaliesommer.com

Evakarin Wallin http://evakarinwallin.se

I feel called to start sharing more and I’m sure the right circumstances will come along when the time is right. Gathering pieces to my puzzle and enjoying what’s unfolding. I found one Big piece in my latest training in Santorini https://thepathofthemystic.com.

It goes very well together with the “Work your light” training I’m on with Rebecca Campbell.  I really love and feel so at home with the combination of teachings I so far have gathered knowledge and evolved from. As I’m writing I feel called to name them here and give you and myself the bigger picture of my puzzle. Where I have found my truth. 

What I have found being so important to me is:

Embodiment and movement

Spiritual teachings and meditation

Teachings of our body mind complex

Working with my full energy and light body

For me it’s a combination between my Embodied Flow TT including free movement/ecstatic dance, Vedanta teachings, A course in Miracels, energy- and lightwork from my teachers Astrea Sri Ana, Rebecca Campbell, Birkan Tore and Tim Whild.

And it all goes well together with the Stress coach edjucation I’m also doing as we work with ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) which is built upon mindfulness.

The future will tell how my offerings in sharing this work will be. What I know for now is that I am truly living the life of my dreams and I’m so so grateful <3 

If you are longing for sisterhood reach out beloved, we are in it together, never alone <3 

From my heart to yours Much love <3

Photo: http://www.jeanmanuelnadeau.com



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