Hi, so happy that you found your way here. On this website I am sharing how I went from working a stressfull job in a small town in Sweden to traveling the world, surfing, living vanlife and evolving with my yoga practice day by day. Living without stress in freedom and creativity. I´m doing my best to contribute with inspiration and advice on a new way of living. Sharing how I found my way to freedom by finding and following my inner voice. How to live a life with less stress and more joy and happiness

You can read my first blogpost here: http://liveyourtruth.se/1-year-journey-to-freedom/

I lived a life where i did everything I thought was expected of me. Not reflecting over what I actually really want. Who I am. What I want regardless of society, family or friends. I had a quite narrow view of the world. Until I started traveling, surfing and falling in love with the world of yoga.

My journey through the world of yoga has taken me to beautiful places all over the world. Fallen in love with yoga communities in Bali, Australia and India. Fallen in love with life again, with my self again. Which made me quit my job, twice. First time the changes gave me more free time. No more working evenings or weekends. I could travel more, bringing my work with me. But I was still not doing the things my inner voice was whispering about. The question arises within me:

“What’s the highest good for all? How can I serve?”

It made me claim my full freedom. Leaving securities behind and following the whisperings of my heart.  So now i’m freelancing and letting my journey unfold itself. Following the wisdom that arises with every meditation. Taking me worldwide, showing me the magic of this earth, this life. Interlacing with the magic of the universe. Living in the freedom of the unknown. Knowing I am guided. Guided to live a life full of love, joy, compassion and clarity.

During the years I have questioned everything around me and within me. For the purpose of actually knowing what is true for me. There is so much that we just take as our own truth, not reflecting over where it comes from and what it means to us. It can be a pinfull journey, going deep within, but so beautiful. Because the freedom that arises when you are standing in your own truth, is pure magic. And most importantly, it’s only when you face the pain that it can subside. Giving you the greatest relief and most powerful new insights.

This has been such a life changing journey for me and it’s time for me to share it. I never thought that life could be so powerful and filled with magic. it’s the journey that is the treasure, not the goal.

What’s now unfolding for me is teaching yoga, traveling and going deeper in to the world of holistic health. Studies in stress management, health pedagog and psychology. This year I will also deepen my yoga studies with an aditional 300 hours of Embodied Flow in Germany and Bali. I did my 200 hours of Embodied Flow in India which was the most amazing experience. I could have never imagined it’s raw beauty and so powerful transformational outcome. You can read more about it here http://liveyourtruth.se/yoga/

I will share with you the wisdom that I have come across during the years and the new ones I encounter. From books, podcasts, workshops, health studies, teacher trainings and endless of meetings around the world. I can not just stand by watching when society kills the joy of our spirits. Making people crash in to darkness because of endless pressure, stress and anxiety. I’m not taking part of it anymore.

Once you have opened your  eyes and felt the taste of true freedom, you will never go back. Because you have realized that it’s already all there. You just need to embrace it and follow the truth that arises. When walking in your truth, life will show you it’s magic.