So, my month in Goa…aaaw….it’s just the most amazing time of my life. I guess a good way to start this story is with this:

This poem evolved over time for me in India. The first words that came to me was freedom and creativity. That that’s what I am, it’s a part of us all. For me both need to be more expressed and more present in my life.  It became very clear that it’s a big part of who I am. The strongast feeling connected to these words came when I felt that I actually don’t have to be anything other than this, anything other than freedom and creativity, energy and light, expressed through love.

It was an extremely transformational time, going through the 200 hours of Embodied Flow. Going deep into our bodies, getting to know ourselves on a lot of new levels. Meditation, pranayama and mantra singing for 1,5 hours every morning. Then asana classes and workshops until late every night, from 7 in the morning to 6-7 in the night, every day. The most magical and intense time of my life <3

There is so much that we do, that effect our hole being, that we don’t even realise that we are actually doing. Because we never stop and reflect. Things that you think are your own opinions for example. Are you sure? Have you ever thought about what this opinion comes from? If you have not, then it’s very likely that it’s actually not even something you would agree upon if you take a deeper look. There is so much that just gets imprinted on us from sociaty, family and friends that is not true to us on a deeper level of who we are.

We really digged deep into oursleves during this month, having Tara (founder and teacher of Embodied Flow) guding and helping us in so many ways. Also with some tough love when needed. It’s not an easy ride to let suppressed feelings come up to surface and take a look at your own negative patterns. But wow, it’s the most relieving thing ever when you come out from it.

I am So grateful that I had the opportunity to get this support and knowledge. Releasing so much. For example feelings of not being good enough, scared of not being loved, worries about the future, not tursting people and well being very suspicious a lot of times. By going through these things that came up to surface for me I truly gained a new found trust in myself and in life. 

Something that I truly, deep deep into my bones, now really belive is that it’s much harder and takes much more energy and effort to keep on supressing our feelings and fight our emotions. Even if letting everything come up to surface is really tough, painfull and uncomfortable it always passes. When it does you are free from it and you gain so much new found energy and love for life.

The efforts, suffering and energy that comes from supressing our emotions stays. Think about that for a while. It will stay forever and ever and ever……if you don’t let it come up to the surface, you will never be free from the suffering.  


This is where I lived <3 Awww, so much love for this place and this time in my life. Living under the mango tree and being guided through meditation, pranayama, mantras and asanas all day long every day. Haha so amazing when I think back of it. The hard parts is not the memories that stay because the outcome was so wonderful and we had amazing support from each other, Tara and assisting teacher Phillida. I could not be more grateful <3 

If you want to read about what the Embodied Flow 200 hour teacher training contains you can find it here:

“Embodied Flow™ is the Science and Art of weaving embodied anatomy with alignment based hatha yoga in order to move into the ever-deepening awareness of our consciousness. Embodied Flow™ opens a door to the transformative aspects of yoga, taking asana and other practices beyond a formulaic external approach into the Living Art of Yoga™.


The 200-hour level foundational yoga teacher training provides a comprehensive introduction to the philosophy and methodology of yoga from an Embodied Flow™ perspective. Topics and practices include asana, embodied anatomy, pranayama, meditation and the foundations of non-dual tantric philosophy. With a focus on the process of self-inquiry, self-discovery and transformation, students will deepen their own journey in the Living Art of Yoga™ while preparing to lead others on the path with skill and authenticity.”

It was a life changing journey which change my way of looking at both myself, my life and everything around me. I would probably never have taken the decision to move out from my apartment to live in a van if I hadn’t found my inner source of freedom and creativity during the training.

So excited for what’s to come, living with all doors open. When I got home I also signed up for a Stress coach education that starts now in March. I made this website and I went through the process of quitting my job. So well I guess you can get a sense of how transformational this training actually was for me 😉

Here are a bunch of pictures from the training that just makes my heart burst open. So much happiness and gratefulness looking through them <3 

Much love and light! / Jasmine

The amazing women of the village where we lived made our stay magical. Have a look at the incredible non-profit place where the training was held:

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