Hi, today I really felt called to share some parts of my story with you guys. It’s been a while since I wrote anything here and well, so so much has happend for me in the past months.

I came home from India in the beginning of this year (which is the last thing I shared). In februari I bought my van and moved into it in the middle of swedish winter. I know a lot of people where really woundering what the F i was doing haha. I had my fears and doubts too but I know it’s just a part of the transformational journey I choose to be on 🙂

If we don’t go outside of our comfort zone we will always just stay comfortable. And I really want more out of life than that. Like growth, expansion, silly playfullness, adventure, joy, courageous love, happiness, bliss and much more! 😉

Even if it was cold outside it was still such an amazing feeling of freedom and adventure. It was my stepping stone into a more flexible and free way of living. The van also has a heating system so there was really no problem. It’s such a wonderfully simple and comfortable way of living. I have everything I need, a bathroom with a shower, a small gas kitchen, fridge, enough storage, a sitting area for 4 people and my super cozy bed! 🙂

I stayed in Sweden until april and then went on a even more transformational journey to Cambodia and Vagabond tempel. It was 5 weeks of everyday yogaclasses, philosophy, healing (reiki and sound healing) and meditation. I also did 11 Rolfing sessions which was the deepest healing experience I have ever had. Rolfing is a structural integration that works on the fascia. All of this is another story but I can truly recommend Vagabond Temple with all of my heart. It was an amazing journey and I’m eternally grateful that I found my way there <3

I came back home to Sweden in the end of May and have enyojed vanlife and a warm swedish summer since then. It was so magical to come home again. Now that I have my freedom at home in the van and the summer is here, there is really no other place I would rather be.

I get to travel as a way of living and still have friends and family around. Vanlife turned out to be so much more than I could have ever imagined. If you feel the niggle inside for change just go for it! Start with one small step at a time and you will be amazed over where you have come in just a few months. The worst thing that could happen is that you end up in the same place that you already are right now 😉

The deeper and more personal sharing I felt called to write about today is the guidance I got today from my “work your light” oracle deck by Rebecca Campbell. It sums up a part of my journey and lessons that I feel ready to share. I did a three card reading which you can view as the first card holds insights for the head/mind, the second for the body and the third for the heart.

The first card that represents the head was this insightful card that I feel mirrors the foundation of my journey.

“Break the chain”

“Ancestral patterns. Healing. Rewriting the future”. 

This is what I’m doing and what I hope to inspire others to do for themselves as well. Change is the natural state of this earth and all of it’s beings. We are constantly changing and growing. The seasons is always shifting . The weather is altering from one moment to the next. Life is forever changing, transforming and evolving over time. Every second and every minute there is always things that is shifting and changing.

This is the beauty of this multifaceted and diverse planet earth that we are inhabiting. Still this idea of “I am like this and that’s just the way I am and forever will be” exist. It’s NONSENSE and an extremly limiting way of existens. There is so much creation and beauty in change. Why would we ever want to stay the same? It’s only fears of the unknown that is holding us back. And I promise, I know this fear, I lived with it for so many years. But what I also know is that every single one of us can move past this fear, no matter what.

I was afraid of even moving out from my small hometown 7 years ago. Now many longterm travels later and through a lot of healing and spirituell work I see myself as a cosmic citizen. Healing this earthly illusion of separation and finding the truth that lies deep within us all.

We are all one, sprung from wholeness, forever united. It’s our limiting mind, ego, that makes us belive in fears and separation. To heal ourselves, our old negative patterns and to re-write our own future we have to take control over our thoughts. When doing so our whole world shifts in front of our eyes. When thinking through fear, fears is all we see. When thinking through love and compassion, that’s what we will encounter.

I know there is so much darkness out there and that’s the whole reason why it’s so essential that we do this work within ourselves. Darkness feeds on destruction, light and love feeds on light and love. It’s all up to us what we want to choose. If we want to stay victims or if we choose to rise up for the highest good of all. As we heal we find the worrior light within us and through it wholeness and infinit love.

The second card that represents the body was this magical card that I over and over again remind myself about.


“Have fun. Celebrate. Don’t be so serious”.

We all have a unique expresson of joy and play. How wounderful isn’t that? We need to celebrate diversity and free expression of the self. I found the expression of joy within myself through free movement/Ecstatic dance. I have never felt as free and happy as when I’m dancing with no limitations. Society has a lot to learn about play, joy and diversity of expression. This is something we can only find from within. Deep inside, our true nature and autentic expression is always present. Behind the layers of fears and limiting beliefs, pure joy and playfullness emerges.

Be silly and courageous and play for the pure essence of joy.

I could go on and on about this one. The third card that represents the heart was this extremly important card.


“Where do you need to establish better boundaries?”

Well, in everyday life basically. The feeling of not ever being at home with myself or my surroundings hunted me when growing up. always felt misplaced. I tried so hard to fit in that it was probably not visible for anybody else. I have really been on a journey of trying to be somebody that I’m not. Always compromising on myself to fit in and trying to find my worth from outside approval. When doing so and not being present in my own energy, all I did was taking in others.

Wanting to help, to be loved and to be seen. 

I had no idea that this was what I was doing but boy the feeling around it was terrible. Sadly I think this is how it is for so so many of us and the only way to heal from this is to go deep within. It’s such a magical thing. To find all the treasures inside overselves. Ofcourse there is a lot of pain and unease to go through but with every expansion you become more and more free. We have all the love and joy we need inside, we just need to tap into it. 

When we acknowledge and face our fears and wounds, it do subside. If we don’t, it stays forever.

This is constant work for me. Staying in my own energy, fillning myself up and clearing out anything that I don’t want. Saying No when I feel No and only saying Yes when I actually feel Yes. Using chanting, meditation, singing, dancing, salt baths and so on.

It’s truly magical when feeling strong and secure in yourself. Knowing that I don’t need to be anything other than myself. I don’t need outside approval. There will always be people whom don’t aprove. Everybody is not for me and I’m not for everybody. We are all so extremly important and unique and we all have different journeys to walk. I choose to honor that for both myself and others. 

I’m here to embody my true autentic self and express her no matter what. I will share my light no matter how it’s received.  This is every single persons right. I honor diversity and free expression. If there is something I don’t like, I walk away and make sure to put out more of what I belive in. I’m here to share my voice, so are you. Finding my true autentic expression deep within. No more hiding. No more trying to fit in. Only raw truth from the source of love and light.

I truly love to do readings. There is so much wisdom and guidance to gain through it.

I love you, I honor you, I am you. 

Much love /Jasmine



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