Wow, what a weekend I’v had at Yogagames in Stockholm <3 

It’s amazing to be able to share your passion in a community like this. We had the opportunity to try out different teachers and go deep into techniques the hole weekend. I went to classes like “Depth of Breath and the Spine” with amazing Matt Giordano. “The way of the Warrior” with Michael James Wong who really brought us all into that community feeling, interacting and helping each other during this strong flow. 

Yoga festivals is truly a great opportunity to get a feeling of what yoga is and the endless variations it offers. If you have tried yoga a few times but didn’t really like it. You can’t say you don’t like yoga cause it’s probably only that style or teacher that didn’t feel right for you. There are hundreds and hundreds of different styles of yoga and with every teacher it’s a completely different experience. You can find info about the yoga style Embodied Flow that I love so deeply through here

So what I want to share with this post is that there is a yoga style for everyone. I promise! I even went to a yoga class where the teacher definitely got her inspiration from the military. It’s both the teacher and the style needs to sit right with you. Luckily there are endless of yoga teachers so i’m really confident that there is one for everybody.

What yoga does to you that is so valuable is that it makes you connect to yourself in a way we have totally forgot. You get present in your own body and get to know yourself in a deep and meaningful way. Learning how your body communicates with you. Getting more and more used to actually listening to your body and what you need. 

A really good way to start to  explore the world of yoga is through sites with online classes. I truly truly recommend this! Its cheap and you can try out so many different teachers and yoga styles. Doing so comfortable in your own home. Check out Yogobe in SwedishNorwegian, Finnish or English. They won the award “Best health company” in Sweden in 2017. Another one I also use is Yogaglo where my amazing teacher and founder of Embodied Flow, Tara Judell, is on.

Happiness is not something you find. It’s something you create. Yoga and meditation is a magical way to do so. All you need is right there inside of you. Joy, happiness, love and  the feeling of being at peace is allways with you. You just need to tap into it. I am reading “The power of now” by Eckhart Tolle over and over again. Might do a blogpost about it further on, it’s where the magic happens.

Talk to you soon again, Love and light! /Jasmine

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